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How to calculate the prayer time?

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prayer allIllustration for prayer times and its corresponding astronomical phenomena.


A muslim should pray obligatory prayers according to predefined times, as outlined by Sharia. The time for prayers varies during the year and varies for place to place, since it is connected with the sun cycle.

prayer fajr

Fajr corresponds to the first appearance of a white light that spreads laterally across the horizon. This is referred to as true dawn and corresponds to when the sun is 18 degrees below the eastern horizon. 
 prayer sunrise Sunrise corresponds to the appearance of the highest point of the sun's disk on the eastern horizon, which corresponds to when the sun is 5/6 of a degree below the horizon.
prayer dhuhr Dhuhr corresponds to the sun passing its zenith - the highest point it will reach that day. This corresponds to the shortest shadow of an object for that day.
prayer asr
  Asr corresponds to the position of the sun such that the length of the shadow of an object is equal to the length of the object plus the length of the object's shadow when the sun is at its zenith. The corresponding angle changes with respect to time and place.
prayer maghrib Maghrib corresponds to the complete disappearance of the sun's disk below the western horizon. This corresponds to the sun being 5/6 of a degree below the horizon.
prayer isha

Isha corresponds to the disappearance of red twilight. This corresponds to the sun being 18 degrees below the western horizon.


 In its ninth session, the Fiqh Council deliberated in the Muslim World League building in Makkah Al-Mukarramah between the dates of Saturday, 12 Rajab 1406 AH and Saturday, 19 Rajab 1406 AH decrees that the  prayer times should be determined as the following: