Preception of Jews and Muslims in Norway 2017?

A report prepared by the Holocaust Center points out increasing prejudice against both Muslims and Jews in Norway. It also pointed out that one in three Norwegians have prejudices against Muslims. Meanwhile, the report also shows that anti-Semitic attitudes among Muslims in Norway is high but lower than in Europe. It is the first time that we get a number of prejudices that exist in the society. In open society like Norway this is very disturbing. Therefore, the report must be studied carefully so that one can implement targeted and measurable actions to combat prejudices in their own ranks. The researchers behind this report urges is to put in place an action plan that works. This is something ICN has requested in several arenas. We continue our efforts to put in place a plan of action while we assist professionals with our expertise where needed.

The report can be read here


Islamic Finance

The methods of Islamic finance is applied often by investors. Here is a brief and simple description of what “Islamic finance” is about:

Common social responsibility

Population Survey prepared by the Holocaust Senter gives an indication and findings should be followed up in communities so that could prejudice not get a further foothold in our society. But we must also look at the positive outcome of the investigation.—Zaeem-Shaukat

Increased hate crime in Oslo last year

Increased hate of Muslims is an everyday problem for Muslims in Oslo who experience this on a daily basis. Despite increased efforts to combat hate crimes from public agencies as telling the figures in this report that hate crimes often occur.
Hate crime is very serious when this kind of offense is intended to create fear for the person or persons who are exposed. In Norway we have an open and inclusive society in which no one must be able to experience being a victim of such an offense. These efforts must be intensified before it provides a fertile ground to our community. We therefore urge all those who are exposed to such a thing to contact the police.




Foreskin and prohibitions

Circumcision of boys is part of the religious rituals among both Muslims and Jews. Many millions of boys / men in the world – Muslims and Jews- have undergone this procedure without any signs of poor quality of life.

A ban would be contrary to the freedom of religion. According to a research from 2015 there are more advantages than disadvantages of circumcision of boys. The research underpins its argument that there is a danger associated to the child’s health if interventions done outside of hospitals. It is apprciated that the party foremab, Audun Lysbakken, is willing to listen and oppose a ban.


Media presentation boost Islamophopbia

In today’s edition of Vårt Land it is referred to findings of a research project which concludes that Scandinavian media skewed representation of Muslims and Islam is part of creating Islamophobia. The findings confirm what we have long known. Be cautious rule has been viloated in several cases without any reactions from PFU. Media must take large share of the responsibility for the growing Muslim hate. Media has an important role in the society. Exercised this role with a responsibility  can help in encourage bridges rather than create a parallel society.
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Challenging time for coming generation

Islamic Council of Norway is concerned that negative focus and oversimplified representation of Muslims and Islam, in parallel with the growing Muslim hate of the community affects the  youngest generation of Muslim children negatively.

This view is shared by many, indicating that there is a great need to strengthen the public debate with the  facts and knowledge. The elected officials and the media have a responsibility in this through proper choice of words in their rhetoric. 

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Decisive time to combat hat crime

Islamic Council of Norway has for years called for a concrete plan of action against Muslim hate and hate crimes. In recent years, several organizations called for this. We see this as very positive especially when we feel that the harassment has increased in scope.

The terrorist attacks on two mosques in New Zealand is a wake up call for many to combating radical right crimes. All extremism must be defeated, there should be zero tolerance for harassement. Here at home, the discussion has come forward again to intensify efforts to combat hate crimes. ICN has like other civil society groups  also participated in this debate and has accounted for in Aftenposten, to convert words into action.–Islamsk-Rad-Norge

Plan of action against muslim hate

Today that the Government announced to create a separate plan of action against Muslim hate. Minister of Culture Trine Skei Grande announced this along with Ministry of Education, Ministery of Justice and Ministry of Development.

The terrorist attacks on Al-Noor Mosque in Baerum have also contributed to the importance of putting in place such a plan of action. For a long time many other organizations, like ICN called for an action plan. ICN relies on this publication that we look forward to working together with the Government and other organizations including the academic community.

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Meeting with the Government on Islamophobia

Today we were invited to a dialogue meeting with Minister of Culture Trine Skei Grande, Justice Minister Joran Kallemyr, Minister of Education Jan Tore Sanner and Children -and family minister Kjell Ingolf Ropstad at the Ministry of Education.

The theme of the meeting was Islam hostility in Norway and measures to prevent discrimination and hatred against Norwegian Muslims. The Government recognizes the need for special efforts to prevent hatred against Muslims in Norway and addressing the challenges Norwegian Muslims are experiencing today. 

The ministers expressed concern about increasing hatred against Muslims in Norway. They are motivated and focused to work on putting in place an action plan. IRN presented a document containing proposals for measures to Culture Trine Skei Grande to own this Action Plan. 

We look forward to upcoming meetings and further work.