Imamkomiteen i Islamsk Råd Norge har en arbeidsgrupper som jobber med standardisering av hijrikalender og bønnetider i Norge.

Imamkomiteen har det overordnede ansvaret for å etablere standardisert hijrikalender og bønnetider. Den benytter fagressurser i sine undergrupper til å jobbe med problemstillingen.

The focus of Taqvim group is to deliver a standard for the prayer times calculation in Norway, such that to assure the high quality of the circulated prayer times table in the ummah. Such high quality prayer time table is important for the fullfilment of one of the shuroot (conditions) of the salat, that is “dukhul al-wakt a salat” (entrance of salat time). The conditions of salat are prerequisites that have to be met before a person begins their salah. They have to be met in order for the salah to be valid. If a person does not fulfill anyone of these conditions for any reason, whether it be due to ignorance, forgetfulness, or intentionally does not do them, then their salah is invalid.

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